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OpenSSA is an OpenSource project hosted by Sourceforge to make free, GNU/GPL, mainframe style database oriented business application for small and medium-sized businesses.

SSA was an Accounting and Distribution Software developed using Informix 4GL/RDS. Using SSA as a base, we have added web interface, (via Apache/Perl), added e-commerce capabilities, and other customisation and extensions.

It was mainframe style application for PC/Unix platform. However, entry cost may be prohibitive for small companies, considering investment in SCO-Unix, Informix SE/IDS Database and Informix 4GL/RDS.

Thanks to other opensource community development like Linux, Postgresql and Aubit4gl, entry cost had been brought down significantly. We have decided to release SSA into opensource community and called it OpenSSA.

However, we continue to provide commercial support for the software, in terms of installation, training, customisation and so on. You can contact us by sending email to brian.tan @ openssa.com. (Please remove "spaces" around @ from email address.)

OpenSSA initially consists of the following packages:

sySystem Layer
glGeneral Ledger
arAccounts Receivable
apAccounts Payable
cpCustomer Purchase Order
poPurchase Order

Except for some PDF reports to be converted, the software is reasonably complete and stable. Please use Sourceforge Help forum to report any bug or get help.

The accounting modules are suitable for small to medium sized businesses who needs a flexible, expandable and comprehensive accounting system. The distribution modules are suitable for small to medium sized businesses with any form of inventory trading, distribution, warehousing, etc.

We are adding retail modules (POS) so that it can be used to general retail stores/outlet. In due course, web interface layer will be released.


OpenSSA can be installed on any PC/Server which supports Postgresql and Aubit4gl. At the moment, it probably means Linux (FC5 are used for test) or Windows with CYGWIN/MingW32. However, It is recommended that Linux is used as Postgresql and Aubit4gl probably run best on Linux platform.

Steps to installation are:

  1. Install Linux, we used FC5, but other Linux / BSD distribution should work.
  2. Install Postgresql, basic instructions can be found Here
  3. Install Aubit4gl, basic instructions can be found Here
  4. Install OpenSSA, setup company, instructions can be found Here
  5. Initial System Setup, instructions can be found Here
We like to thank Mike Aubury of Aubit inc for his generous support to make migration of SSA to OpenSSA possible.