Home PostgreSQL Aubit4gl Install Setup

Initial System Setup

  • Terminal Setup
    OpenSSA probably run best in terminal mode. It is tested with PuTTY, gnome-term, etc. Set screen size to 80x40 with fixed font size as large as possible. Set screen to White on Black or Black on White to taste.

    See PuTTY Setup for recommended settings.

  • Special Keys
    Make sure terminal generates correct escape sequences for the following keys. (with that coded in terminfo).

    F1 Used for Help, although not many are implemented.
    F2 Fetch another program directly.
    F3 List and Select
    F4 Special Cases.
    End or F5 Accept Key. To end form input before last field, end array input, select row in array display.
    Ctrl-C (Intr) or Escape Abort an input or array.
    Insert/Delete Insert and delete rows in array input mode.
    PgUp/PgDn Scroll up or down in array mode.
    Empty Field In general, an empty first field ends an input.

  • Company Setup
    Select Control from Menu in each package.